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Blister Blog

What’s a Dual-Layer Pad for Blister Prevention and What Product Should I to My First Aid Kit?

W3W Blog

Is What3Words a Good Offroad Companion?

CPR Blog

Why Does the MARCH Protocol Prioritize Respiration Before Circulation?

Daniel – The Heimlich Maneuver

Daniel: Wife Chokes During Dinner

Shawn – Hunting Trip

Shawn: Lost in the Fog

George – Cutting the Nerve

George: Table Saw Disaster

EVAC blog

How Do I Determine the Urgency and Means of Evacuation for Abdominal Issues?

Crashed motorcycle with blood on it

Adrian: Terrifying Crash Leads to Near-Fatal Injuries

Kenneth – Hypothermia

Kenneth: Cold Crisis in California Mountains

Rescue Breath Blog

How Many Rescue Breaths Should I Give A Drowning Victim?

Mary – Carnival Birth

Mary: Unexpected Carnival Delivery

Assess Blog

When Should I Perform the Primary Assessment, Secondary Assessment, & Secondary Survey?

Epi Blog

Is It Safe to Use Someone Else’s Epi-Pen in Anaphylactic Situations?

Electro Blog

What Should I Include as “Electrolytes” in a First Aid Kit?

Shick Blog

Does Neurogenic Shock Impact Blood Pressure or Blood Volume?

Diane – Fire

Diane: Backyard Blaze

Bacteria Blog

What Bacterial Infections Are Likeliest in the Canadian Northwoods?

Hypo Blog

Blowup Mattresses, Burritos & Buddies: What Works To Treat Hypothermia?

Jim – Vision Loss

Jim: Worksite Eye Emergency

FAK #3

Is Betadine a Good Choice for Wound Treatment?