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What’s a Dual-Layer Pad for Blister Prevention and What Product Should I to My First Aid Kit?

Question: What’s a dual-layer pad for blister prevention in hiking, backpacking and ultrarunning scenarios, and can you provide details on the best products for inclusion in a first aid kit?

Survival Med’s Answer: A dual-layer pad for blister prevention is a specialized adhesive pad designed to safeguard the skin and prevent blister formation or exacerbation. It is made up of two layers:

Cushioning Layer: The inner layer, often made of gel or foam, provides a soft cushion that acts as a barrier between the skin and potential sources of friction or pressure. This layer absorbs shock and minimizes friction, reducing the likelihood of blister development.

Adhesive Layer: The outer layer features a gentle adhesive backing that adheres to the skin without causing irritation. This layer ensures the pad stays in place to offer continued protection.

Various brands are available, see these dual-layer blister prevention pads for examples of available shapes and sizes.