Daniel – The Heimlich Maneuver

Daniel: Wife Chokes During Dinner

We were sitting in our house with family and friends enjoying each other’s company. While we were eating, my wife started coughing. She stood up rapidly and began to gag.

Everyone just sat and asked the normal question, ‘are you okay?’

‘Just drink some drink and wash it down,’ they said.

I noticed she was having trouble breathing. As I began to set my food down, she began to to full on choke. Then she put her hands in the choking position.

Everyone just sat and did nothing. Deer in the headlight syndrome.

I got in behind her as quickly as I could and preformed the Heimlich Maneuver. The food was dislodged and she began to breath normally. As tears formed, she thanked me for saving her. ‘I couldn’t breathe,’ she said.

Everyone else, all dumbfounded, began saying, ‘yes we are glad you knew what to do, and how to do it. What is that maneuver called?’

While I was happy that my wife was okay, I was also dumbstruck. All these adults had no idea what
to do, or how to notice the signs of someone in distress. I learned the Heimlich Maneuver back in middle or high school.

That experience taught me that I need to be more prepared for any and all situations/emergencies, and that I shouldn’t assume others know what to do in those situations.

My wife and I are now CPR/AED certified and still learn basic first aid. I would encourage everyone to re-learn the basics.