Customer Reviews

Thousands of people across the U.S. and around the world have successfully completed Survival Med’s Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Solo Travel for Women and other courses. 

“Last week, I was on a hike with my five-year-old cousin when he was stung by a bee and had an anaphylactic reaction. I am so glad I took your WFA course. I was able to help him take both doses of his epi pen, something I learned from you guys. I just wanted to write to you guys and let you know that you helped me save his life. Thank you for everything you’re doing.”
~M. Hein, 2022
“As an EMT and Search and Rescue Member, I wasn’t sure how useful the Basic Wilderness Survival class would be, especially online. But I was humbled. I learned so much practical information in just a few hours and realized there are many areas that I was weak in. The interactive scenarios were incredible and I felt like I was right there. I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone who spends time in the outdoors.”
~J. Rodriguez, 2022
"I am so glad my son and I took this class. He and his buddies are at an age where they like to explore on their bikes in the backcountry. Many places have a minimum age, so I am glad for his class through you there is none. I feel better about him going out with friends and am hoping his friends get their Wilderness First Aid as well."
~M.A. Ferguson, 2022
“I’ve had my EMT license for 10 years and I’ve always been interested in wilderness medicine. I decided to take the virtual Wilderness First Responder course so I could get the Wilderness EMT certification. I am so glad I did it through Survival Med. The virtual option was great because I could do it in the evenings, on my own time. I could review the material as much as I wanted and spend my time on the topics that were most interesting to me, like altitude illness and hypothermia. Their method of teaching and testing the practical skills is so creative and convenient. I saved almost 1.5K by taking this online. I cannot thank you guys enough.”
~B. Zellmer, 2022
“I took the Basic Wilderness Survival course and absolutely loved it. I learned so much and I loved that it was completely self-paced. I’ve watched it three times. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s fantastic whether you have a lot of experience in the backcountry, or if you’re just getting started.”
~L. Sanchez, 2022
"This course was exactly what I was looking for. The capability of conducting this training remote was as effective as in person, when you are being evaluated skills performance recordings, written exams, scenario based testing it prepares you to succeed. I will continue training with the skills learned, and the best part is I have access to the materials to refresh and practice/review as often as I need. Let alone the time I was able to take and go at my own pace to absorb the materials. Thank you SurvivalMed!!!!"
~R. Schneider, 2022
“I would highly recommend the virtual WFA course for anyone who travels or spends time in the outdoors. You cannot beat the convenience of it, and the knowledge is priceless.”
~A. Steele, 2022
“Thank you so much for offering this online! I’ve encouraged my mom and both sisters to sign up as well. I do a ton of hiking and travelling by myself, and I’ve always wished a class like this would come along. Thank you!!”
~A. Criner, 2022
"Hey! Finally got my Wilderness First Aid: Arizona certificate from passing my class! It was fun and such good knowledge. Whether you are an occasional day hiker or winter visitor to Arizona (90% of Search & Rescue saves of folks in the AZ outdoors are folks out for a casual day hike/kayak just out for the day and many of which aren't from AZ, but there are lots of local rescues too) or you are an avid outdoorsperson, this is a great class."
~H. McClaren, 2022
"This was a good course. Easy to take online."
~C. Rauckis, 2022
"Great course, great presentation, well done."
~E. Bogusz, 2022