Online Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

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Two-Year WFR Recertification for Any Current Certificate

This efficient and affordable no-travel WFR & Wilderness EMT refresher taught by ER doctors updates your wilderness medicine know-how, refreshes your hands-on skills & recertifies you for two years.

90 Days Unlimited Access Includes:

Self-paced General Wilderness First Aid video classes cover common injuries & illness + wildlife, terrain, weather & survival skills

Hands-on Practical Skills submitted via video & photos with detailed 1:1 feedback

Realistic video scenarios challenge you to assess patients & improvise medical care under pressure

Survival Med Challenge! webinars coached by our physicians - recordings also included

Comprehensive SOAP Note assignment refreshes diagnostic & treatment decision-making

Multiple-choice knowledge checks & quizzes

Certification exam with 50 multiple-choice questions

Downloadable textbook covers Basic Wilderness Life Support

Plus extra resources at no extra cost

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this course?

You are eligible to take this course if:

1 - You have an active WFR certification from any wilderness medicine school that includes hands-on practical skills demonstrated in-person or via video, photos &/or Zoom.


2 - You have an active Survival Med WFR or W-EMT certification.


3 - You have an expired Survival Med WFR or W-EMT certification that is no more than 6 months past its expiration date.


There is no grace period for expired WFR certificates from schools other than Survival Med. However, you can take the full Wilderness First Responder certification course.

Do you recertify Wilderness EMT?

Yes, the Wilderness EMT recertification upgrade is included at no extra course.

Your WFR course contains step-by-step instructions.

In a nutshell:

You first complete your WFR recertification.

You then provide a copy of your current state license or NREMT certification.

Upon verification, we upgrade your WFR certificate to W-EMT.

How long does it take?

Students recertifying as Wilderness First Responder typically finish within 2-4 days depending on their personal schedule and familiarity with the standard WFR curriculum.

Who accepts this certification?

Our certifications and recertifications are widely accepted. Here's a partial list of organizations who have accepted Survival Med certificates.

If you're planning to use your certificate for a job, we always advise checking with your supervisor. For example, different National Parks have different requirements.

You'll want to explain that this is a hybrid course format:

  • Medical faculty assess all Hands-on Practical Skills demonstrations and the SOAP Note assignment and  provide detailed 1:1 feedback.

  • Self-paced lecture materials are provided online

  • Challenge! Scenario webinars are coached live by our physician-instructors
What assignments are required?

This course has several medical scenarios with multiple-choice knowledge checks & quizzes. They are scored automatically and provide immediate feedback.

It also includes one written SOAP note assignment with individual feedback from your instructor with personalized coaching points.

The practical skills are submitted via videos & photos. Your instructor reviews them individually and provides 1:1 feedback.

The certification exam is multiple choice.

The certificate is available for download as soon as you pass the certification exam.

Do you offer CEUs?

At this time we don't offer continuing education units or credits, although we're working on it.

No-Travel Practical Skills Refresher

Practice using everyday items to control bleeding and stabilize potential injuries

Review patient assessment techniques plus spinal stabilization, splinting, tourniquets, compression bandaging and more.

Natalie practical skills demo

Submit videos & photos of practical skills using "volunteer patients" & get individual feedback from our medical faculty.

Wilderness First Aid Topics Covered

Via self-paced online classes, interactive video scenarios, medical case assignments, knowledge checks & quizzes

Injury assessment & basic life support
Injury assessment and life support

MARCH & SAMPLE patient assessment protocols; breathing, circulatory & nervous system assessment; spinal stabilization; basic CPR & Heimlich maneuver training

Common outdoor medical problems
Common outdoor medical problems

Treating & stabilizing impalements, broken bones, finger amputations, muscle injuries, bleeding, wounds, cold injuries, heat illness, lightning and altitude ilness & more

Wildlife attacks & treating injuries
Wildlife attacks and treating injuries

Dealing with grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions; snakes & scorpions; other venomous animal & insect bites, stings, rabies prevention & communicable & waterborne diseases

Terrain, temperature & weather hazards
Terrain, temperature and weather hazards

Heat & cold related injuries; wildfires, lightning & burns; floods, tides & drowning; avalanches & earthquakes; acute mountain & altitude sickness (AMS, HACE, HAPE)

Basic outdoor survival skills
Terrain, temperature & weather haards

Route, logistics & supplies planning; avoiding getting lost, signaling for rescue; finding and treating water for safe drinking, maximizing chances of being found alive

Plus advanced Circulatory, Respiratory, Soft Tissue Injury, Musculoskeletal Injury, Spinal Injury & Medical-Legal Modules

Test your knowledge with realistic wilderness emergency scenarios

Practice the same SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) protocol used in medical emergencies around the world

Includes Survival Med Challenge! webinars

Recent topics: Head Wounds & Eye Injuries, Fires & Burns, Extreme Heat Emergencies

Realistic video medical cases build confidence & know-how

Pick-a-path questions provide instant feedback on your diagnosis & treatment decisions

Live chat with our physician-instructors

Widely-Accepted 2-Year WFR Recertification

Survival Med Wilderness First Responder Certificate

Includes upgrade to Wilderness EMT students who already hold a current state or NREMT license.

Accepted by National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, National Assn for Search & Rescue, ACA/PaddleSports (American Canoe), mountain rescue teams, ski/beach patrol, SAR teams, local Sierra Club chapters, guide & expedition businesses & many others

NOTE: As a matter of policy, federal & state agencies do not endorse specific wilderness medicine schools or programs.

Extra resources—at no extra cost

University of Utah

Optional free enrollment in Univ. of Utah's Associate in Wilderness Medicine advanced certification program—only through Survival Med!

50+ advanced wilderness medicine podcasts

Free access to 50+ hours of advanced wilderness medicine podcasts—from knocked-out teeth to SAR incident command protocols & more!

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