Free Webinar IOctober 25, 2023

What Search & Rescue Wants You To Know

This fast-moving session introduces you to these amazing resources & prepares you to handle the unexpected, too!

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with Dr. Natalie Bonthius,
Emergency & Survival Medicine Physician

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Fast-paced interactive scenarios prepare you for the unexpected!

Local search & rescue teams are the unsung heroes of our communities: volunteers who jump into action when disaster strikes, someone's lost, or things go sideways.

We'll cover these topics and even practice with fun interactive online scenarios!

  • What is Search and Rescue?
  • How can you prevent & prepare?
  • What if you're lost?
  • Or your child is lost?
  • How can you signal for help?
  • What if there's no cell signal?
  • What if someone's hurt?
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October 25, 2023
5 PM Pacific • 7 PM Central • 8 PM Eastern


60 minutes + live Q&A

Find out what search & rescue pros want you to know—and do.



Widely-accepted 2-year certificate

Accepted by National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, National Assn for Search & Rescue, ACA/PaddleSports (American Canoe), mountain rescue teams, ski/beach patrol, SAR teams, local Sierra Club chapters, guide & expedition businesses & many others.

NOTE: As a matter of policy, federal & state agencies do not endorse specific wilderness medicine schools or programs.


"I would absolutely recommend this to anyone I know!!! Very in-depth and informative!"

Micah Jewell, Jun 5, 2023

"Very educational for most wilderness emergency scenarios with region specific possibilities. I coupled the course with a local cpr/first aid class and I feel confident and prepared in the unlikely unfortunate encounter"

Riley, Jun 12, 2023

"So informative. Time flew by so fast, interesting and to the point."

Stephen Kirk,
Apr 20, 2023
Free Webinar October 25, 2023

What Search & Rescue Wants You To Know