Thomas – Car Accident

Thomas: Telephone Pole Collision

While driving back work, I noticed a car that appeared to have made a slow speed impact into a telephone pole at an intersection near the entrance of the university I was working at.

As I got closer, I saw that a male was removing an elderly woman from the car and laying her on the ground. I secured my vehicle and identified myself as trained in CPR/First Aid. At the time I was a Red Cross certified Lifeguard /First Aid / CPR instructor. I assessed the woman. She was not breathing and had no pulse.

I started compressions and rescue breathing, and continued until a voluntary EMS unit arrived with an AED. The AED indicated no shock recommended, and I continued CPR until EMS relieved me and readied the woman for transport. Unfortunately the woman did not survive.

That was the first and only time I had used my skills, but no doubt that the repetition of teaching numerous courses and certifying dozens of lifeguards prepared me for the situation.