How To Build Your Perfect Outdoor & Wilderness First Aid Kit

Learn how to customize the best wilderness first aid kit for your trip!


Tues., June 25, 2024

4 PM - 6 PM Pacific

6 PM - 8 PM Central

7 PM - 9 PM Eastern

Includes webinar replay if you can't make it

Join Dr. Natalie Bonthius for this free webinar with live Q&A

Includes webinar replay if you can't make it

Rethink your "little red box"!

Discover how to make sure you have what you need — when you need it — and not an ounce more!

No sales pitches—just solid information from an expert.

How To Spec Your Kit

Using the PAWS method to audit your wilderness first aid kit (FAK)

Survival Med's 7-point checklist for upgrading an off-the-shelf FAK

Learning From Real-Life Mistakes

Real-life kit fails - what went wrong & why

Critical life & death FAK mistakes & how to guard against them


OTC & Rx meds for pain, infection, GI issues, sleep/alertness & more

The "never list" - FAK supplies that cause more harm than good

Packing a FAK for chronic medical conditions

Why you should almost always pack a pregnancy test

Common questions about expired meds, using someone else's Rx, etc.

Nuts & Bolts Recommendations

Detailed supply and gear recommendations for injury, illness, wound care & water purification

Special FAK needs for hunting, climbing & other high-velocity scenarios

Natural alternatives to retail products

Underappreciated FAK extras

Choosing the right FAK container - how to balance durability, weight, rapid access

Includes webinar replay if you can't make it

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It could mean the difference between life and death.