Program Highlights

To support our mission of providing low-cost high-quality lifesaving knowledge to everyone everywhere, Survival Med welcomes affiliate relationships with businesses, non-profits, organizations and individuals.

For businesses, non-profits, organizations & individuals


National, state, regional and local businesses, organizations, teams and clubs

Ultramarathons, trail races & rides, rallies, obstacle races and other events

Disaster, emergency preparedness and first responder organizations

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Urban, rural, water, backcountry and mountain search and rescue (SAR) teams

Beach and ski patrols

Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup and other online and offline groups

Social media accounts with relevant online presence

Free to Join, Simple to Use

Place text links for courses included in the affiliate program on your website, social media, emails &/or flyers.

When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase via our website, you earn a commission calculated as a percentage of the sale.

We handle everything after the click, from purchase to course delivery & student support. Commissions are eligible for payment once you reach a minimum of $100 in commissions due.


High-Impact Fundraising Tool


Our course catalog is available as a fundraising tool for 501(c)3 and volunteer organizations and is a meaningful alternative to bake sales, car washes, gift wrap, popcorn and other product-oriented fundraisers.

Sell Survival Med first aid and personal safety classes in your local community via your social media pages, email newsletters, and other channels, and we'll share the revenue with you to help fund your operations.

Free Advanced Certification Access

Through an exclusive arrangement, students you refer who complete either a Wilderness First Aid, WFA-16, or Wilderness First Responder certification can complete University of Utah’s Associate in Wilderness Medicine Program for free.

Univ of Utah Associate in Wilderness Medicine advanced certification program