Custom Courses

Tailor your custom online course to your group’s needs, interests and experience.

Plan Your Custom Course

We are contracted to provide custom live online courses for medical schools, the National Park Service, search and rescue teams, outdoor clubs, schools, universities, non-profits, volunteer groups and businesses. 

Tailor your course to your environment: hot, cold, mountains, swamps, deserts and everything in between.

Adapt your curriculum to your group’s interests, needs and level of training.

Modify the length and structure of any course to meet your group’s needs.

Widely accepted by organizations including NASAR & the National Park Service

Search & rescue elicopter in Himalaya mountains in Nepal

Tuition assistance and more for SAR & community emergency response teams

Missing person searchers

Group discounts & fundraising tools for businesses & organizations

University of Utah

Exclusive free tuition to University of Utah Associate in Wilderness Medicine

CERT volunteer

Contact us to tailor your custom course to your group’s needs, interests & training

Upcoming Custom Courses

If your group is hosting a Survival Med custom course, sign up for your event here.