How Survival Med Courses Work







1:1 Feedback




Our online wilderness first aid courses combine the best features of online and hands-on practice.

For more details, see the Survival Med vs In-Person Training comparison chart.

Step 1: Physician-Led Online Study

Up-to-date wilderness first aid & medical emergency training

Taught by emergency & wilderness medicine doctors

Webinar with live Q&A & self-paced video lets you learn on your schedule

Knowledge checks & quizzes help you assess progress

Study guides prepare you for certification

Step 2: Apply Your Knowledge

Realistic medical videos develop decision-making under pressure

SOAP Notes teach the proven method used by MDs to diagnose & treat medical emergencies

Survival Med Challenge! webinars offer practice in applying knowledge to increasingly challenging scenarios

Step 3: Hands-On Skills Practice

Key skills include 43-point physical exam, spinal assessment, compression dressings & tourniquets, improvised splints, neck braces & more

Hands-on practice using coworkers, friends or family as patients

Submit skills assignments via video & photo upload for review

Step 4: Instructor Observation

Sample of Survival Med physical exam feedback

1:1 instructor observation, grading & feedback of all practical skills demonstrations, SOAP Notes & other assignments

Individualized student feedback on correct technique & areas for improvement for all graded assignments

Step 5: Certification

Survival Med Wilderness EMT Certificate

Certification exam access requires satisfactory grades on practical skills & other assignments

Pass exam within required parameters or mandatory study period before retake.

Certificates authenticated with unique serial number

Accepted by National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, Natl Assn for Search & Rescue, ACA/PaddleSports (American Canoe), mountain rescue teams, ski and beach patrols, SAR teams, local Sierra Club chapters, guide & expedition businesses & many others