Diane – Fire

Diane: Backyard Blaze

I was just a young girl when it happened.

There was a large wooded area behind our house. My father burned foliage every year to keep it open in case of trespassers. This particular year, the fire got out of control. Rather than take me out of the woods, he brought me deeper in, set me on the other side of a small creek, and said in the strongest voice that I will never forget, “DON’T MOVE.”

Then he and my sister went and tried to put out the fire. I remember standing there thinking, “What if the fire reaches me?” and in my simple mind I just thought I would outrun it. Well, fortunately, I didn’t have to because a neighbor saw the fire and called the fire station.

All I remember next is a big, strong fireman making a bee line straight for me. They picked me right up and brought me to safety. My hero.