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Wilderness First Aid Certification for the Northeast U.S.

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Wilderness First Aid + Outdoor Safety Basics16-Hour WFA + Video Skills Assignments16-Hour WFA + Live Zoom Skills Coaching & Checkoff
Best forNearby locations, reliable cell service, help within 2 hoursRemote locations, extended trips, spotty cell service, help hours or days awayAdds maximum skills coaching, hands-on practice & instructor feedback
90-day course access
Widely accepted two-year certification
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Self-paced general & regional WFA video classes, Challenge! webinars, guides, podcasts, free U of Utah advanced certification access
Medical scenarios with SOAP Note assignments, knowledge checks, quizzes, study guides
Self-paced core practical skills videos on splints, tourniquets, compression bandages, cervical collars, etc.
Advanced practical skills videos teach 43-point patient assessment & physical exam protocol
Video & photo hands-on practical skills assignments
Live Zoom instructor-led practical skills coaching & hands-on checkoff
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Wilderness First Aid Topics Covered

Via self-paced online classes, interactive video scenarios, medical case assignments, knowledge checks & quizzes

Injury assessment & basic life support
Injury assessment and life support

MARCH & SAMPLE patient assessment protocols; breathing, circulatory & nervous system assessment; spinal stabilization; basic CPR & Heimlich maneuver training

Common outdoor medical problems
Common outdoor medical problems

Treating & stabilizing impalements, broken bones, finger amputations, muscle injuries, bleeding, wounds, cold injuries, heat illness, lightning and altitude ilness & more

Wildlife attacks & treating injuries
Wildlife attacks and treating injuries

Dealing with grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions; snakes & scorpions; other venomous animal & insect bites, stings, rabies prevention & communicable & waterborne diseases

Terrain, temperature & weather hazards
Terrain, temperature and weather hazards

Heat & cold related injuries; wildfires, lightning & burns; floods, tides & drowning; avalanches & earthquakes; acute mountain & altitude sickness (AMS, HACE, HAPE)

Basic outdoor survival skills
Terrain, temperature & weather haards

Route, logistics & supplies planning; avoiding getting lost, signaling for rescue; finding and treating water for safe drinking, maximizing chances of being found alive

Special Northeast U.S. WFA Topics

Acadia National Park


Appalachian & Adirondack Mountains, Cape Cod, Chesapeake Bay, Boston Harbor, & the Northeast Atlantic seaboard

Acadia National Park, Adirondack Mountains, Appalachian Trail, Lake Champlain, Moosehead Lake, Cape Cod National Seashore, Blackstone River Valley, Boston Harbor Islands, Lake Winnipesaukee & other national parks monuments & trails

Niagara Falls & other popular Northeast U.S. state parks, waterfalls, forests, beaches & more

Black Bear in Camp

Hazards & Rescue Calls

Avalanches, falls, waterfalls, flash floods, getting lost (esp. on the AT) & finding shelter

Winter storms, frostbite, ice rescues, cold water shock, hypothermia & after drop

Bull moose, black bears, coyotes, bobcats, copperheads, Timber & Eastern Massasauga rattlers, black widow & brown recluse spiders, yellowjackets, rodents, ticks

Rip currents, tides, cold water shock, drownings, & marine life: Great White, basking & blue sharks, harbor seals, stingrays, lionfish, sea nettles, moon jellies, lion's mane, man-o'-war, blue-green algae

Poison ivy & hemlock & other poisonous plants

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, giardia & more

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Dr. Natalie Bonthius skiing
Natalie Bonthius, MD

Founder of Survival Med & Emergency & Survival Medicine Physician, UHS-Southern California

Dr. Carson Harper
Carson Harper, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician, UHS-Southern California

Dr. Richard Ingebretsen
Richard Ingebretsen, MD

Clinical Instructor & Wild Med U Program Director, University of Utah School of Medicine

Kevin Grange, Paramedic

Paramedic & Firefighter, Jackson Hole Fire & EMS and Grand Teton National Park

Dr. Robert Scanlon
Robert Scanlon, MD

Quadruple Board-Certified Critical Care, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine & Sleep Medicine Physician