Backcountry Women Special Event: Outdoor First Aid & Survival Skills for Manitoba’s Backcountry


Dr. Natalie Bonthius, emergency & survival medicine physician


Outdoor First Aid & Survival for Manitoba's Backcountry

Presented by Dr. Natalie Bonthius, emergency & survival medicine physician


Explore Manitoba's forests, prairies, granite, beaches and lakes with confidence!

Attend the webinar, complete the self-paced online course & receive your 2-year Outdoor First Aid & Survival Skills certification!

Deep dive into Manitoba's wildlife, weather & terrain hazards, from black bears and wolves to blizzards, tornados & more

Learn about outdoor injuries & illnesses common to Manitoba's backcountry

Prepare for common rescue calls & emergencies in popular destinations including Riding Mountain, Spruce Woods, Nopiming, Whiteshell & more

Learn how & when to use splints, tourniquets, neck braces, EpiPens & more

Downloadable guides: Anaphylaxis & EpiPens + the Lightning, Heat & Cold

Bonus Webinar: How To Build Your Wilderness First Aid Kit

Bonus Webinar: What Search & Rescue Needs You To Know

Two years of course access

Two-year certification in Outdoor First Aid & Survival Basics

Online Outdoor First Aid Curriculum

Includes self-paced online classes, interactive video scenarios, medical case assignments, knowledge checks & quizzes

Injury assessment & basic life support
Injury assessment and life support

MARCH & SAMPLE patient assessment protocols; breathing, circulatory & nervous system assessment; spinal stabilization; basic CPR & Heimlich maneuver training

Common outdoor medical problems
Common outdoor medical problems

Treating & stabilizing impalements, broken bones, finger amputations, muscle injuries, bleeding, wounds, cold injuries, heat illness, lightning and altitude ilness & more

Wildlife attacks & treating injuries
Wildlife attacks and treating injuries

Dealing with grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions; snakes & scorpions; other venomous animal & insect bites, stings, rabies prevention & communicable & waterborne diseases

Terrain, temperature & weather hazards
Terrain, temperature and weather hazards

Heat & cold related injuries; wildfires, lightning & burns; floods, tides & drowning; avalanches & earthquakes; acute mountain & altitude sickness (AMS, HACE, HAPE)

Basic outdoor survival skills
Terrain, temperature & weather haards

Route, logistics & supplies planning; avoiding getting lost, signaling for rescue; finding and treating water for safe drinking, maximizing chances of being found alive

Learn to improvise medical care
with everyday items

Natalie practical skills demo

Video lessons cover basic CPR, tourniquets, neck braces, splints, compression bandages, Epipens & more

Improvise medical care with everyday items

Learn to improvise emergency medical care with everyday items you didn't know were lifesavers!

Survival Med Ourdoor First Aid & Survival Basics Certificate

Two-Year Certificate

Open to all ages.

No prior first aid or medical training needed.

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