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Live Events & Custom Courses

Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Cost: $50

If you have made an arrangement for Survival Med to offer a live course to your group, participants can sign up here.

Live Events

Are you a medical school interest group, university, club, or organization interested in hosting a live course? We tailor our courses to fit your group’s interests, needs, and level of training. Feel free to contact us.

All links and course materials will be accessible by enrolling above.

More information about individual certifications can be found on the Home page.

Custom Courses

We are contracted to provide custom virtual courses for the National Park Service, search and rescue groups, outdoor clubs, schools, universities, and more. We tailor our courses to every environment- hot, cold, mountains, swamps, deserts, and everything in between.

We can also adjust the length and content of any course to meet your group’s needs.

Reach out to us on the contact page or by email at [email protected] for inquiries.