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Basic Wilderness Survival

A first aid and survival course taught by physicians in austere medicine.

Cost: $35

Taught interactively with live Q&A, or watch a recording.


Intro: Psychology of Survival

  • Human behavior in extreme conditions
  • Neuroscience of survival
  • Interactive activities based on true high-profile and low-profile survival stories
  • Common pitfalls in decision-making and thought patterns
  • Identifying reactions such as denial, panic, perceptual distortion, hyperactivity, and irrational behavior
Tennessee snake

Part I

  • Patient Assessment

  • How to Stop Bleeding and Improvise Tourniquets

  • Bears and Mountain Lions

  • Snake Bites

  • Amputated Fingers and Teeth

  • Scorpions and Insects

  • Rabies

Two male hikers climbing up mountain

Part II

  • Lightning

  • Flash Floods and Canyoneering

  • Escaping a Sinking Car

  • Hypo/Hyperthermia

  • Frostbite and Trench Foot

  • Sunburns

  • Altitude Illness

  • Avalanches

Night skating snowboarder is going very fast in stream of snow a

Part III

  • Legal Liability and Jurisdiction

  • How to use an Epi Pen

  • Drowning Rescues

  • Survival, Getting Lost, and Rescue Signaling

  • Planning and using a Basic Medical Kit

  • Finding Water and Treating it

Ready to get started?

Colorado Rockies climbing

You will receive access to all material when you register.

  • 4+ Hours of interactive, real-life scenarios
  • 60-day unlimited access to course materials and lessons
  • Comprehensive lectures with instructional videos
  • Supplemental Basic Wilderness Life Support Textbook
  • Entirely self-paced: Pause, rewind, and watch it whenever
  • Ask us questions as you go
  • Certification Exam
You can earn the official Basic Wilderness Survival certification by passing a multiple-choice exam after the course (>70%). The certification is good for three years.