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Why Students Choose Survival Med


Online self-paced classes let you move at your own pace

Enhanced video scenarios build real-world patient assessment & treatment skills

Innovative hands-on skills assignments via video & Zoom build muscle memory without in-person training


Our mission: to prepare everyone everywhere to respond to emergencies

Cost-effective hybrid platform saves $100s to $1000s in tuition

No travel or lodging costs saves you even more


Aligned with industry-standard curriculum used by all reputable wildmed schools

Up-to-date first aid techniques taught by medical faculty

Two-year WFA & WFR certifications accepted by Natl Assn for Search & Rescue, National Park Service & many others

Outdoor First Aid & Safety Basics

Introduction to basic principles of outdoor first aid & survival.

For shorter, less challenging trips when emergency help is nearby

100% online video classes - no hands-on practical skills assignments

Two-year certificate of completion

16-hour Wilderness First Aid certification used for solo and group outings + many seasonal & outdoor jobs

For more challenging trips where help is hours/days away

Self-paced online classes + hands-on skills reviewed via video & Zoom

Widely accepted two-year certification

For MTB riders, trail runners and ultramarathoners

Learn to assess injuries, improvise care, and decide if you need outside help

Self-paced online classes + hands-on skills reviewed via video & Zoom

Wilderness First Responder Certifications

80-hour gold-standard certification for trip leaders, guides, search & rescue + solo adventurers in tough or remote settings far from help

Comprehensive clinical curriculum

Self-paced online classes + hands-on skills reviewed via video & Zoom

No prior medical training required

Widely accepted two-year certification

Recertify any active WFR certification from any wilderness medicine school

Efficient & fast-paced - recertify over a weekend

Self-paced online classes + hands-on practical skills reviewed via video & Zoom

Widely accepted two-year recertification

Specialty Outdoors First Aid & Safety

Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid


Age-Specific Child Drowning Prevention


1:1 Practical Skills checkoff builds knowledge & skill

Learn our 43-point physical exam protocol, spinal assessment techniques, & practice using everyday items to control bleeding, stabilize  potential spinal injuries + arm and leg fractures, including compression bandages, tourniquets, splinting methods and much more.

Video classes teach essential practical skills

Natalie practical skills demo

Demonstrate mastery using family, friends or coworkers as "patients"

Get detailed 1:1 feedback on your video and photo submissions

Sample of Survival Med physical exam feedback

Widely Accepted WFA & WFR Certifications

Survival Med Wilderness First Responder Certificate

Accepted by National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, National Assn for Search & Rescue, ACA/PaddleSports (American Canoe) and many other governments, non-profits, organizations & businesses.

NOTE: As a matter of policy, federal & state agencies do not endorse specific wilderness medicine schools or programs.

Partial List of Employers & Orgs Who Accept Our Certificates

Natl & State Parks
  • Olympic National Park
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
  • Rainbow Bridge National Park
  • Bighorn Canyon National Park
  • New River Gorge National Park
  • Katmai National Park
  • Lake Clark National Park
  • Saguaro National Park
  • Aniakchak National Monument
  • Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary
  • The Presidio National Park
  • North Bend State Park
Search & Rescue
  • National Assn for Search & Rescue (NASAR)
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff's SAR
  • Yosemite SAR
  • Rio Grande SAR
  • Lewis & Clark County SAR
  • Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit
  • Rhode Island Canine SAR
  • Colorado Forensic Canines
  • Kauai SAR
  • Huntsville Search Dog Unit
  • Fremont SAR
  • Southern Nye County SAR
  • Brunswick NC SAR
  • Desert Angels SAR
  • Red Rock SAR
  • Taylor (FL) Wilderness SAR
  • DeSoto County Sheriff's Dept
  • Camden County Land SAR
  • SAR Canine COOP
Govt & Education
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • USDA Forest Service
  • Montana Board of Outfitters
  • WV Div of Natural Resources
  • PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Department of Defense
  • NASA
  • NOAA
  • Global Organization for Wilderness Medicine Education
  • Univ of Minn Medical School
  • Univ of Colorado
  • Univ of Tennessee
  • Univ of Utah
  • SUNY at Cortland
Orgs & Business
  • American Canoe Assn/ACA PaddleSports
  • Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center
  • Yellowstone Forever
  • NorCal SUP Groms
  • ACE Adventures
  • Scenic Eclipse
  • Local Sierra Club chapters
  • Geological Society of Oregon Country
  • Tahoe Junior Freeride
  • Boy Scouts of America (varies by role)
  • Exodus Outdoor Adventures
  • Piedmont Wildlife Center
  • Latijas Golf Resort
  • Over The Edge
  • American Queen Voyages
  • Discovery Christian Church
  • Seacoast Church
  • Team Rubicon

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